Hawa Mahal Palace in Jaipur

Hawa Mahal in gorgeous lighting
Photo by: The Wandering Angel, Creative Commons

The Hawa Mahal Palace is located in Jaipur city (capital of the Rajasthan state), India.

Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh built the Hawa Mahal Palace in the year 1799; Lal Chand Usta designed the palace in the form of Lord Krishna’s Crown. The Hawa Mahal Palace is a part of the Royal Palace including the women’s chambers. The Hawa Mahal palace was built to examine the day-to-day life of the royal women.

The Hawa Mahal Palace (Palace of the Winds) consists of five floors, which is built of pink and crimson sandstone and white lime. The Hawa Mahal palace has 953 windows, which faces towards the street outside the palace. A huge amount of breeze circulates through these windows even in summer, due to this reason the name was kept as Hawa (breeze) Mahal. The palace was painted with ochre-pink, also known as color of generosity.

The Palace contains a double-floored building on all the three sides and another three floors in the eastern division of the palace. There no are no steps to reach the palace, the only way the palace can be reached is through the ramps.

In the present day, the Hawa Mahal has become a famous tourist spot and one of the spectacular sights in Jaipur. From the palace, the entire Jaipur city can be seen. The palace has become a great spot for the shooting of several Indian and international films.

Traveling to the Hawa Mahal:
Jaipur being the capital city of Rajasthan and the second largest tourist spot in India is well connected by all means of transport.

The nearby airport is the Indira Gandhi international Airport.

Frequent train services are available from the major cities in India. The nearby railway station is the Jaipur station.

In addition, the Rajasthan state government provides several bus services.

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    Amazing, enjoyed every moment being there, 28 December 2011. Will definitely visit again

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    the most amazing structure,wierd n uncanny to explain its buillding

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    Amazing architecture from the Mogul empire. Brilliantly crafted windows and deep historical background makes this a must-see for any visitors to the land of Hindustan.

  6. Super very beatiful like to stay there forever

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