Hephaestus Temple

Hephaestus Temple 400
Hephaestus Temple
Photo by: Ian W Scott, Creative Commons

Traveling is indeed so much fun not to mention so expensive but if you have been saving for this trip, better get your pencils ready since Greece is the place to be! What is in store for you and your loved ones once you set foot in this beautiful place? The first would be the Hephaestus Temple. This is a place that is often earmarked by several tourists who find ancient ruins so beautiful. The temple is located at the north-western side of the Agora of Athens.

To add to nostalgia, did you know that in the 18th century this temple was the home of the Greek Orthodox? Built in a Doric concept, the Hephaestus Temple was named after the god of metal working. What is great about this scenic spot is that a lot of tourists would just go shutter-crazy with their cameras! It is indeed your chance to go back to the past and experience the sceneries as if you were alive during that time. This is also the most preserved temple from all the ruins you will be coming across in Greece.

You will definitely love the trip to the Hephaestus Temple since for you to find out that the architect who built this temple was also the same one who built the famous Parthenon! When you go through the pillars of the temple, you will be so amazed on the materials that were used – marble and limestone which during that time so very available.

The Hephaestus Temple is indeed a trip back to yesteryears when the world was so young and unharmed. You definitely would be seeing other tourists there too since this place is of course a crowd-drawer. Should you ask what you’ll benefit from such a place? The answer can be one word – Beauty.

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  1. ashley says:

    this is a very awsome temple

  2. Sam says:

    Um your wrong Ash.

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