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A rich cultural heritage and an overwhelming practice of the Islam religion are the two things that Herat, Afghanistan is known for. It is a perfect place to learn more about the norms and lifestyle of a nation.

One thing is for sure, this place has something in it that tourists should further discover. There are historical landmarks, panoramic views of mountains and landscapes, as well as interesting activities that can be part of your unique experience.

The Masjet-e-jam is one of the historical landmarks that one should pay a visit to. It is a mosque that became the center of religious practices of locals. It is awe-inspiring because of its majestic architectural patterns and colorful tiles. There are also artworks by local artist hanging around the walls.

Another unique site in Herat, Afghanistan is the Mousallah complex. Here, one can find the remains of a colorful madrassa built in 1417. It also has complicated tile work and a remarkable architectural design.

Tall pillars and an incredible stone art are what Gazar Gah, a shrine, boasts to the tourist. In here lie several tombs of the great kings of Afghanistan, as well as some marble sculptures of ancient times.

The Chahrsuq is a bazaar that showcases the local products. It is a perfect shopping spot and party hub. Some of the popular souvenir items being sold here are gold jewelries, Istaff potteries, handmade carpets and embroideries.

Aside from sightseeing, there are other interesting activities you can do while having a vacation at Herat, Afghanistan. Some of the famous hobbies are the camel ride around the market place and pottery making. A memorable dining experience with some of Afghanistan’s spicy dishes will complete the entire experience. Tourists are suggested to try the Shorma soup and the sizzling lamb kabab.

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    iam from herat O M G!!!!!!!!!!!
    is owsome!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. carolyn says:

    i would like to travel to herat..i hope its not dangerous there.

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