Herculaneum Ruins

Herculaneum Ruins 400
Herculaneum Ruins
Photo by: TyB, Creative Commons

Arranging your whole itinerary of your Italian getaway is easy and fun to complete. You need to visit the most sought after visitor destinations for you to fully enjoy your stay and at the same get your money’s worth. Since you are going up to Naples, do visit the Ruins of Herculaneum to bear witness to that town that was literally buried in thick mud when the might Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Who could forget such a volcano when everywhere you go either it be the movies or read ancient books, you come across this little part of Italy’s history. There are various forms of recreation but mostly, it is all centered towards the slow walk across the entire Herculaneum for you to really take part in the molding of civilization in this remote town. Do not forget to pack some light lunch or snacks since the only vending machine in is for drinks. Nevertheless, no matter how difficult refreshments are in this place, visitors seem to not bother especially when they start to get a glimpse of the numerous ruins – to be one with the past is simply breathtaking.

The city is named after one of the Roman mythological heroes, Hercules. He is the roman demi-god believed to be the son of Mighty Zeus. You could really do some of the catching up on your Roman Mythology since knowledge would soon come pretty handy during your visit.

The Herculaneum is one of the links to a much more grandiose past in Italy which almost all the sights are known for. Do bring your camera since the ruins, relics and all those markings left behind by the people who did not survive Mount Vesuvius can still be found there. Indeed a photographer’s paradise.

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  1. qwerty says:

    How come its not as famous as Pompeii?

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