Jain Temple

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Jain Temple
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India boasts of many temples of the Jain faith. These temples are not only places of worship for those who practice the Jain faith, but they have also become tourist attractions because of their exotic architecture. Many temples are actually located in a pilgrimage site and people regard the whole area as a sacred place. The more prominent temples are located in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Gujarat.

The town of Hastinapur is considered to be one of the Jain religion’s most elaborate pilgrimage sites. In the town itself, there are at least twelve Jain temples. What sets them apart from most Jain temples is the simplicity of their architecture, a testament to the Jain qualities of prudence and integrity. Many believe that the temples here are the closest when it comes to perfection in architecture. The most popular Jain temples in Hastinapur include the Bada Mandir, where you can find an elaborate image of Bhagwan underneath the temple’s central dome. A more recent addition is the Lotus Temple, which was only completed in 1989. This small house of worship is located in a beautiful courtyard of yet another temple, the Jambudweep. There are facilities in the area for worshipers preparing for puja (prayer offering ritual).

The temples in the state of Jharkkhans are located in the picturesque and hilly pilgrimage site of Shikharji or Parasnath Hills. Most common to the temples here would be their chaumukh, or four-faced structure. Lastly, temples in Gujarat are situated in the religious town of Palitana. At least 1,300 temples are in this town, majority of them made out of marble. The collection of these small yet ornate temples is simply a site to behold.

There are only very few guides in these temples so you may just want to explore the sites by yourself. Make sure to be very respectful though and avoid going into areas without permission.

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  1. deepak says:

    blog is very nice

  2. Ashish Jain says:

    What do mean by Hindu Jain temple? They are Jain temple or Hindu temple?

  3. Viren Zaveri says:

    Jain Religion has different Ideology than Hindu Religion. It can be called only as Jain Temple.

  4. Viren Zaveri says:

    Jainism differs with Hindu Ideology. should be termed as Jain Temple.

  5. Jayant Kale says:

    Jain religion/ideology/Dharma is an separate and eternal ideology and has nothing to do with Hindu or for that matter any likewise ideology. So it necessary to make correction and termed it as Jain Temple

  6. A person who has written this article must know about jain religion. Jain religion is a separate religion & is eternal. All religion has come out of it & taken different form but real religion is Jain…

  7. N.Sukumar Jain says:

    It is a Jain temple.It is not correct to call as Hindu Jain temple.

  8. Ruchita jain says:

    i agree wid sukumar coz hindu religion differs from jain religion…..it should b called as jain temple only….as every religion has different teachings, jain religion also got teachings which cant b compared to any religion…..here the concept of god is totally different…..

  9. K.R.KUMAR says:

    It is not a temple nor it concerns hindua.
    It should be called Basati or basadi
    which is appropriate.

  10. Siddharth says:

    I think to refer to it as Hindu Jain temple is ok…..as Mahavir Bhagwan himself was born in Hindu Religion…..so to term his knowledge as beyond one that of Hinduism is a far reaching statement…..Jain religion is the strictest in the world…..with lot of stringent practices and faith that are more inclined for giving a person a experience of reducing ones desires towards mortal things on earth…..a spiritual concept which is very ancient in Hinduism…..Rishi…..Muni…..Buddhist Monks…..enlightenment / Nirvana through meditation and Yoga (both of them are Hindu Concepts)…..Following Jainism is being closer to the Rishi /muni / Monk state while living your normal human life with family…..

  11. nishant says:

    1. Mahavira was not born as hindu (in terms of religion). his parents were followers of Jainism and devotees of Lord Parshwanath.
    2. Hindus are the people who lived near Sindhu so the name Hindustan. Since there werent any Muslims and other religion at that time we all were seen as one religion.
    3. Vedic ,Shiv-ism, Vaishnavism , Swaminnarayan, etc all are relegion and Hiduism is our ancient culture.
    4. So technically all leaving in India are hindus.
    5. “One who believes in live after death is a Hindu” defination of in hindu in vedas. Since it was common to all religion prevailing at that time we all are Hindus.

  12. Bhaskar Jain says:

    The presently known religion as Jainism was known as Nirgranthas in ancient times and is the origin of all religious and/or belief system on this earth. The Vedas starts with the praise of Lord Adinatha, the First Tirthanker. Lord Krishna was the disciple of Lord Arishthnemi or Lord Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankera and used to get guidance from him. Lord Buddha first became a Nirgrantha ascetic and later started his own school of thoughts. In ancient times there were great trade connection between India and the middle east and the Europe and all the traders were Jains and the Christian and the Islamic thoughts are influenced by the Jain philosophy.What is lacking is the research on this topic and the fear of other school of thoughts of negation of their claim of originality of their thoughts. Thankfully the Jains are content with their Lord and prefer not to share him with Others.The Diamond does not need to prove his worth.

  13. Bhaskar Jain says:

    The Sindhi people pronounce H in plae of S hence the word Sindhu became Hindu. This can be confirm today as I have read this on a hoarding of a sindhi programme in Delhi.

  14. Sandy says:

    1. Lord Adinath was born to Hindu parents who is the first of all Tirthankaras.
    2. The Lord’s Charitra states that after he was born he was praised by lord Indra and other Gods who are Hindus.

    rather than brooding over the religion what is important is the principles preached by them. There is no major difference in teh teachings of many religions, the bottomline of all being is to reach to ‘moksha’. Jainism is way of life and people worship who preached this way of life.

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  16. Rajesh says:

    Jainism is a separate religion …not part of hinduism …..pls correct it immediately

  17. Riztys says:

    Thank you for correcting us on the title. Read on.

  18. PADMAVATI says:


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