Itsukushima jinjya (shrine), Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan 1241-1602
Photo by: scarletgreen, Creative Commons

Hiroshima gained worldwide prominence because it bore the devastating impact of the first atomic bomb during World War II. The city’s devastation was so tremendous and far-reaching that many people believed it would never recover. But they were proven wrong—Hiroshima in fact has shown to the world that there is life after destruction. Today, this Japanese city stands proudly with its notable landmarks and attractions that are frequented by visitors from across the world.

Peace Memorial Park
The top attraction in the city is the 120,000-square meter Peace Memorial Park, where a ceremony to commemorate the Hiroshima bombing takes place every year. The event is open for foreign visitors.

After the bombing in 1945, all the structures in Hiroshima were totally damaged, except for one—the Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. The structure that survived the bombing is presently known as the A-Bomb Dome (Genbaku Dome), which sits within the Peace Memorial Park.

The history of Hiroshima and the stories of the historic bombing are told in the Peace Memorial Museum, the major facility in the park.

Mazda Museum
Hiroshima is the birthplace of renowned Japanese automaker Mazda. Tourists who are interested in learning the history and technology of Mazda can take a tour inside the museum. They can also take a peek at the museum’s facilities and marvel at the various Mazda models, both vintage and modern.

Hiroshima Castle
A former seat of power in Western Japan, the five-story Hiroshima Castle was reconstructed after the war. The castle still has its original grandeur intact with its exterior that looks like a black carp. It houses a small museum that features the castle itself, other castles in Japan, and the history of Hiroshima.

Shukkei-en Garden
This tourist spot is perfect for visitors who want to view natural scenic sights as well as the traditional Japanese gardens. This attraction’s name means “shrunken-scenery garden” in English. Living up to its name, the garden’s landscapes feature forests, mountains and valleys in miniaturized sceneries.

Downtown Hiroshima
Hiroshima has an area bustling with shops, restaurants, and trolley cars. One can enjoy walking along the busy streets in downtown Hiroshima, shopping for gadgets and souvenirs, and dining at various restaurants.

For visitors who are looking for exotic Japanese dishes, Hiroshima is a city to visit. Many restaurants in downtown Okonomi-mura serve Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, a flour crepe fried with seafood and vegetables. Oysters are cultured in Hiroshima, which is why oyster dishes are popular and a must-try in this city.

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