Hoi An Old Town

Hoi An Old Town 400
Hoi An, Vietnam
Photo by: Taylor and Ayumi , Creative Commons

The old town of Hoi An is a combination of different Asian cultures since it is an old port where ships and traders from different parts of Asia make their trades. The old town, which was once known as Faifo, has the architectural influence of the Chinese shop houses including the winding roads that interconnect in the heart of town.

The Old Town has been slowly yet continuously preserved in contrast with Vietnam’s fast progress. Since the shipping business has long been moved to another part of Vietnam, the Old Town is being preserved as a cultural attraction for tourists in addition to being a memento for the locals.

What You Should Not Miss

Hoi An old town is full of attractions that are rich in history. The town also boasts of its proximity to natural wonders like the Bo River and the An Hoi islands which can be easily accessed from the town.

You will need to buy a ticket costing around five dollars to get access to all preserved historical sites inside the town. The sites you can access include the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture, the Museum of Say Huynh Culture, the Museum of Trade Ceramics, and the Museum of Folk Culture.

What You Need to Know

Walking around the town is advised since you cannot bring in any vehicles. You can drop by stores and preserved buildings where hospitable locals will help you with a smile.

The main drop off point for you to get to Hoi An Old town is through Danang. The airport in Danang also has regular flights to the neighboring countries in Vietnam like Cambodia and Singapore. You can take an air-conditioned mini bus from the airport to the Old town for just five dollars compared to taking a taxi which will cost you fifteen dollars in total. Travel from the airport to the old town will last for thirty minutes to an hour which is adequate for sightseeing.

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