Huangshan Mountain Range

Huangshan Mountain Range 400
Huangshan Mountain Range
Photo by: B cool, Creative Commons

Visiting China is not complete without hiking the Huangshan Mountain Range. The magnificent and breathtaking views while trekking the mountain or riding a cable car will send your weary mind rest. You will also notice that the views you will be seeing are comparable to illustrations found on Chinese scrolls.

There are many ways to get to the mountain range. Two of the most popular ways are hiking and riding the cable cars. Although hiking the mountains may be strenuous, compared to riding a cable car, most visitors who are up for an adventure choose to hike along the footpaths.

When hiking, there are two trails: the eastern steps and the western steps. The eastern step is a much easier route with footpaths that guide you on your way up. The western steps, on the other hand, have a more rugged path yet it has the more scenic route. The peak circuit is where the two steps meet and it is shrouded in the clouds, which makes it more rewarding when reached.

During your upward trek, you will encounter different rock formations with different names based on what creature they resemble. Inscriptions on stones are common on the Huangshan Mountain Range most of these inscriptions date back centuries.

Though you might see many inscriptions and carvings, you are not allowed to write on the mountain range. Expect rainfall during spring and summer. Temperature changes rapidly in the mountain range, which is why it is advised to bring extra clothes. Use apparel according to the season and also bring extra money for souvenirs.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    THis is where I could see the purpose for eastern and western cultures,lifestyles,differences, and purposes. ALL are essential to mankinds survival! I recommend seeing it for yourself!!!

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