Hurghada Lights
Photo by: Marcus Meissner, Creative Commons

If you thought the Egypt was all pyramids and sandstorm, you are greatly mistaken. The country boasts of beautiful beaches too, and a lot of the most amazing resorts are located in Hurghada.

Hurghada, Egypt was founded in the beginning of the 20th century and had always been known to be a tiny fishing village until the recent years. Today though, it is one of the foremost beach resorts for tourists along the Red Sea coast. There’s the Soma Bay, Safaga, and El Gouna. The whole city is an international center for water sports where you can sail, windsurf, swim, snorkel, and dive to your heart’s delight. It has unique underwater gardens offshore which are certainly some of the world’s finest. A lot of rare fish varieties are found here as well as coral reefs because the warm waters are ideal of them to thrive. You can enjoy their splendor by riding on glass bottom boats.

If you love the beach, you would surely enjoy Hurghada. It’s a great family place especially for those who love fun in the sun. There are private resort beaches here that you can rent exclusively. However, if you are wondering whether there are any nice places to stay in the city aside from private resorts, yes there are. In fact, there are many fine accommodations here where you can enjoy warm and efficient service. Many of these hotels can provide you with a lot of activities which can get you occupied for a long time. You may even not need to go out anymore! Larger resorts have playgrounds, zoos, bars, discos, pools, and even mini theaters. In addition, if you wish to dine out, you can find a lot of restaurants along the main road which serve international cuisines. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to try some of their local foods too.

When you are not in the sea, you can enjoy shopping too, or go to the Roman Mons Porphyrites (mountain of porphyry). You may also embark on day trips to explore the Red Sea Mountains by jeep or a camel.

These days, Hurghada, Egypt is not only known for the beaches but also as a party haven. Life begins at night here and there are so many clubs you could visit. They are usually frequented by the young but other people off all ages go here too. If you love the sea and you love to party, Hurghada is the place for you.

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