Iceberg Calving of Antarctica

Iceberg Calving 400
Iceberg Calving of Antartica
Photo by: Alaskan Dude , Creative Commons

Just when you thought that an ice breaker was only used during first time get-togethers during high school, think again. These ice breakers are mid-sized ships that help break ice formations that have grown quite large in the Antarctica. Now what is this iceberg calving and why do tourists flock to witness such natural phenomenon?

It may sound scary and alarming since the first thing that would come to your mind is the word avalanche. It’s a little different. The reason why this cold and freezing place is such a favorite of tourists nowadays is the opportunity to capture on film the moment an iceberg breaks off the main chunk of ice. Together with biologists, tourists can witness this fascinating phenomenon. The Iceberg Calving is one of the true sources of freshwater that can supply the entire United States of America in close to a year.

The moment you experience your first iceberg calving process, you will be alarmed since it is so large it could easily sink and re-sink the Titanic. This why ice breakers are so in demand since they break the ice into smaller chunks which will float on the sea and melt on its own. It will not cause any tsunami as portrayed in movies, but will provide extra water to the ecosystem.

Experience this wonderful tourist attraction and possibly even ride on the ice breaker itself or commission available boats to bring you closer to the site of the iceberg calving. Do not forget to bring in your warm winter clothes since temperatures really drop below your comfort level.

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  1. Bri2 says:

    I’d just like to know where in Antarctica you can go to do this?
    If it said it, I might have not seen it, can someone help me?

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