Interlaken – between lakes Thun and Brienz
Photo by: Dave-F, Creative Commons

You’ve never been to Switzerland if you do not visit Interlaken. It has remained as one of the oldest yet most popular visitor destinations in the country.

Interlaken has been accustomed to be one of the leading winter resorts of Switzerland. Visitors come to ski and snowboard from December to March, as the slopes and hills of the Swiss mountains are filled with snow. When climate changes after winter and autumn and summer break in, visitors can then switch to mountain biking and hiking.

Skydiving, canyoning, paragliding and hang gliding are also popular breath taking sports offered by Interlaken. There is always something for all adventure seekers to enjoy.

The town is nestled between Lakes Thun and Brienz at a height of 570 m above sea level, and gives a magnificent view of the Jungfrau summit. Many parks and hotels are situated along the Höheweg avenue to allow visitors to have a good view of the mountains.
Despite being a small town, it has managed to have railway stations that provide transportation for the people. The main line connects the town to the cities of Thun, Bern and Spiez.

Major events hosted in the city include Interlaken Classics which is a classic music festival from March to April; Greenfield Festival, Swiss National Tambour Piper Festival and International Trucker & Country Festival in June; Jungfrau Music Festival, International Buskers Festival and Festival Latina in July; Jungfrau Marathon in September and Star Night in November.

Other highlights in Interlaken are the Schynige Platte near Wilderswil that gives its visitors the panoramic view of Eiger, Jungfrau, Alpine and Mönch gardens; the Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn that leads to the highest railway station in Europe; and St. Beatus Caves which is a kilometer-long cave filled with waterfalls, stalagmites, and impressive halls. Visitors access the cave using a boat, bus, or by foot.

Anyone who comes to Interlaken will feel the excitement and joy brought about by the heart-pounding adventures found in the town. That may be the reason why backpackers keep coming back to Interlaken.

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    i would like to ask were can i go in switzerland to have fun ! but not out of interlaken or grandlwald …


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