Jakarta Skyline at Twilight
Photo by: yohanes budiyanto, Creative Commons

Jakarta is a dynamic city at the heart of Indonesia. It is the country’s capital as it is the largest city in Indonesia as well. Upon visiting Indonesia, your first step would be in Jakarta. For this reason, it is vital to know the important tourist destinations in the city. Be guided with the following destinations:

• Immanuel Church
It is a baroque style church built around 17th century. It is rich in old paintings which complements its baroque style architecture. The church is also equipped with a 400 year old organ which attracts a lot of tourists.

• Istana Merdeka
This is the Presidential Palace. In the early years, it is known as the Koningsplein Palais. It is neoclassical in structure as it is built around 17th century. The palace has a well preserved garden which matches up the palace’s classical architecture.

• Jalan Pekojan Old Houses
These are Chinese houses built in 18th century as a response to the growing community of Chinese merchants. Today, these historical houses still stand and many are converted into temples and ash houses.

• Theme Parks
There are lots theme and amusement parks in Jakarta. The most visited are Dunia Fantasi, Atlantis Water Adventure, Taman Ompian Jaya Ancol and Sea World. The Indonesia Miniature Park is one remarkable tourist spot in Jakarta as it is the most famous destination place for a lot of tourists.

• Museums
Because of Jakarta’s rich history, there are many museums built within the city. Some of the museums are as follows: the Jakarta History Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Wayang Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum, Maritime Museum and Bank Indonesia Museum. Each of these museums has different kinds of artifacts to present as evidenced on their names.

• Kelapa Gading District
This is Jakarta’s shopping district. It is located in northern part of Jakarta and a lot of malls and shopping centers can be found here. It is a must-visit destination for many tourists as a lot of merchandises can be purchased here.

Because Jakarta is a very large city, a single day would not be enough to tour around the city. Allot enough time in roaming around Jakarta and experience the city’s delightful beauty!

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  1. Dining In Jakarta

    There are endless places to eat in Jakarta, the sites where you select to eat at will be reflected by your budget. There are quite a lot of dining venues that offer Indonesian meals that won’t leave you out of pocket. If the restaurant type you are looking for is of the high end there are a number of these, but be sure to have a prior reservation also check the dress code. If you want fast food there is regular names like Burger King exist, but if you are on the trail for something more real you should ask a local and see where they suggest. A key aspect of visiting a new city to try new things, this includes it’s food There is a wide variety of places to dine in Jakarta. whether that is a café, a fine restaurant or food from a street vendor. You should try and seek your local vouchers and remember to try something new.

    Recommended Places To Eat In Jakarta

    1. The Cafe at Hotel Mulia
    2. Namaaz Dining
    3. Salt Grill by Luke Mangan
    4. Satoo
    5. Lara Djonggrang

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