Jam Minaret

Jam Minaret along the banks of the river.
Photo by: David C. Thomas, Creative Commons

Have you ever heard of Afghanistan’s wonders? One of them is Jam Minaret. Here’s a little overview of the prehistoric site. Jam Minaret gained the first success of UNESCO’s lists of World Heritage Sites for Afghanistan on 2002. It is a 65 m tall structure that is bounded by 2.4 km mountains which lies near with two rivers namely Hari Rud and Jam Rud River. The location of this elegant expertise is seen on the western part of Afghanistan that lies on the core of Ghur province.

This Islamic inspired structural design is made up of baked brick with comprehensive carvings, nashki calligraphy and scriptures from Quoran, the Islamic Bible. For a short history of the location, it was erected during the Ghurid civilization and served as Islam’s “victory tower” amongst others. The historical site will be widely appreciated by travelers, architects, artists and most especially photographers that have a huge admiration and devotion to arts, design and nature.

The construction is leaning by now and is prone from natural disasters. Because of the proximity of two rivers from the edifice, floods will most likely assault the area and wreck this masterpiece in a blink of an eye. Earthquakes and unexpected dangers might harm the place as well. Although this danger has been controlled and ongoing civilizing action has been made, unlikely events might still happen.

When you are at Jam Minaret, you will be climbing a narrow, DNA-shaped, ladder staircase which will be used for going up to the tower that will enhance the dramatic effect and feeling for the exploration of the entire area. Upon reaching the top, you could see other wonders the Ghur province has to offer to its tourists such as the site of the mountains and rivers.

Now that you are very well informed, hurry and visit the place until you have time. Having a thirst for fine art and natural history, this is an exceptional, breath-taking, worthy and once in a lifetime experienced to be accomplished right away.

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