Jeita Grotto

Statue Outside Jeita Grotto 400
Jeita Grotto Entrance
Photo by: BorgQueen, Creative Commons

Jeita Grotto is a series of Karstic limestone caves located 18 kilometers from the Beirut, Lebanon. The grotto has a series of chambers known as lower caves and upper caves. These caves provide a major route for the underground rivers and fresh water to the city of Beirut.

The Jeita caves are found between the western mountains and is 330 feet above sea level. These caves formation is a result of limestone dissolution.

Lower caves
The lower caves were discovered by William Thomson in the year 1836. These caves reached only by boat. There are number of underground rivers and the water here is fresh which is mainly used by the people of Beirut.

These caves are located 60 meters below the upper caves and it features a number of cave formations. The distance of the caves is about 500 meters; visitors can be transported using electric boats. During the winters the caves remains closed as a result of high water levels.

Upper caves
The upper caves were discovered in 1958. These caves are situated about 60 meters above the lower caves. The upper caves is a major tourist spot and it features a sequence of chambers where the largest chamber here measures about 120 meters high.

The upper caves can be reached through a concrete tunnel that measure about 117 meters long. These caves feature three chambers where the first one is White Chamber and the second one is Red Chamber that measures 106 meters high. Among all the chambers the Third Chamber is the largest of all that measures 120 meters high.

These caves are a major attraction in the present days. It also features an air conditioned theatre, train and cable cars. In addition there are a number of restrooms, bars, restaurants and shops for the visitors. The caves opens at 9 am in the morning and closes at 6 pm in the evening and Mondays is a holiday here.

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