Kabul Old City

Kabul International Airport
Photo by: Carl Montgomery, Creative Commons

Kabul Old City or the heart of Afghanistan is the capital and largest city of the country. It is distinguished for being the most commercialized town of Islam with various places of interest from ancient mosques up to the latest designs of hotels. Kabul City has a very intriguing setting situated at 1.8 km above sea level in between valleys, mountains and rivers. Prehistoric parks, mosques and museum as well as contemporary style of hotels, airports and malls can be seen in this city.

Unlike any other parks with colorful flowers and mini playgrounds, parks from Kabul are beautifully landscaped with gardens, edifices and small bodies of water. The 11-hectare Babur Garden is the most popular and visited park in Kabul. You can find the tomb of the first Moghul Emperor Bāgh-e Bābur on this square stirred with Islamic architecture built on over five centuries ago. Mosques on the other hand, Pul-e Khishti Mosque and Haji Abdul Rahman Mosque, are the leading mosques in the country where Islam people worship and pray for Allah.
The national museum, also known as the Kabul Museum has almost 100,000 treasures made up of ivory and other antiques. However, for visitors who want to savor modern buildings, Kabul has an answer for that hunger.

Contemporary Islamic architecture consists of mix materials and minimizes the use of traditional bricks and carvings. Among the long lists of chic hotels in Kabul, InterContinental Hotel is the largest and hottest hotels in the city. And it is only 15 minutes away from Kabul International Airport, which will serve as a great haven for tired visitors.

There are a lot of things this place has to offer such as ancient and contemporary structures that are conveniently available. So, what are you waiting for? Listen to the beat of Islam’s heart.

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