Karachi City, 3 Talwar ( Swords )
Photo by: Muhammad Adnan Asim ( linkadnan ) # 1, Creative Commons

Karachi is the largest city and is also the center of banking, trade, and industry in Pakistan. It is where you can find the largest and most progressive corporations in Pakistan.

In Karachi, winters are mild and summers are hot. Winter months are the best time to visit this city. You can enjoy the sights in the mild and pleasant weather.

Karachi’s history is strongly related to Alexander the Great of Macedonia. It is known as the place where the conqueror stayed before going to Babylonia.

It is then known as the capital of Pakistan until Islamabad has been constructed and has then replaced it as the capital. It is home to Pakistan’s important cultural institutions such as the National Academy for the Performing Arts and the National Museum of Pakistan.

In terms of architecture, Karachi has various designs that include neo-classical architecture as seen in the KPT Building and the Sindh High Court Building and modern high rise style similar to the Dolmen City Towers and the Habib Bank Plaza.

In general, Karachi is also an accessible city in Pakistan. It is the location of the largest and busiest airports in Pakistan, the Jinnah International Airport. The Port of Karachi and the Port Qasim is also located in Karachi and is considered as the largest shipping ports in Pakistan. It is linked to the other parts of the country by the Pakistan Railways.

Karachi, more than being the financial capital of Pakistan, is also a holder of its cultural heritage. Visiting Karachi will surely give you a dose of history and contemporary adventure in one.

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  1. Razi says:

    the host
    i just wanted to say that many other thing can be added to this article. Karachi is very rich for entertainment activities as it has got water parks, beach, shopping malls and a variety of food and hundred of restaurants.
    u didnt mentioned about the MAZAR E QUAID and many other places.
    thank you

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