Karelia Lake Country

Sortavala Harbor, Karelia 400
Sortavala Harbor, Karelia
Photo by: jussihuotari, Creative Commons

Karelia Lake Country is located close to the border of Finland. Karelia Lake Country contains hundreds of rivers, thousands of scenic lakes, and virgin woods. It features an extraordinary nature with massive hills that links with the open tundra and taiga woods.

The Karelia Lake Country measures about 600 kilometers long and it also sometimes considered as “Country of the Lakes”. It features a total of 60,000 lakes and also Europe’s largest lakes Onega and Ladoga. In addition these two lakes are connected by hundreds of small rivers.

The Karelia Lake Country is the home to virgin woods, also brown bear, blackcocks, elks and wood-grouses are seen in plenty here. It is also located close to Kivatch Waterfall, also the second largest waterfall in Europe.

Valaam, an orthodox cathedral is one of the major attractions and a famous tourist spot here. It was built in the 14th century and it is one of the largest cathedrals. It is also one of the major landmarks with a number of ancient buildings and massive gardens.

The Karelia Lake Country is also the home for boating. It also features a number of outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing and boating along the Lake Pielinen. In addition it is one of the best places for fishing and swimming.

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