Kawai Nui Marsh

Sunset at Kawai Nui Marsh
Photo by: jdnx, Creative Commons

Kawai Nui Marsh may not be a usual spot for visitors to go to, but this area is of great importance to the many animal and plant species which can be found there. Majority of these species are endangered, such as the waterbirds which consider this wetland their sanctuary. Over the years organizations have fought to maintain the “untouched” nature of the marsh and prevented residential buildings from being built in the area. It appears that their efforts have all paid off.

The area has now been considered as a “Wetland of International Importance”, which sheds hope to the non-profit organizations which have sought to preserve the waterbird species found in the area. The Marsh currently has no walking trails or a visitor’s information center, but these are currently being built for the convenience of visitors. A levee currently serves as a makeshift trail which leads through the marsh and ends near the Pali Highway.

You can go on tours of the Kawainui Marsh. The Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi is an organization which has more details and information regarding the tours being conducted in the marsh. Volunteer work is also done in the marsh. Students and other volunteers help plant trees and other vegetation in the area to help improve the habitat of the waterbirds which live there.

The Kawainui Marsh is near the Ulupo Heiau, which is a historical site that was used for ceremonies which were believed to help improve the development and planting of crops in the area. Now it is part of the National and Hawaii Registers of Historical Places.
These are two places in Hawaii where one can go to during their vacation. Hawaii isn’t just about sun, surf, and fun – there are places which value the life and history of the people in Hawaii and the animals which live in the country as well.

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