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The other parts of Hungary talks about the old ways as well as the ruins of landmarks that once were part and parcel of their economy but here at Kecskemet, you will get to visit the new look and feel of Hungary. This is the 21st century living which shows art nouveau. More and more tourists have been visiting this place to witness the grand lights and massive structures that come into life when the sun sets.

Your first stop should be the House of Science and Technology or what is usually printed in most maps in Kecskemet, Tudomány és technika háza. Here you will be able to see the works of the renowned Michelangelo so it would be definitely a splendid visit. Just be sure that the place is not closed for some renovations but nevertheless, being able to visit such a place during daylight makes the tour even more worthwhile.

For the shutter-crazy side of you, there is this museum that has different renditions of local Hungarian photographers that continue to amaze visitors every time they come to the museum. It is called the Magyar Fotográfiai Múzeum.

At Kecskemet, there is a special museum that would surely light up the faces of little kids – the Toy Museum and Workshops or better known as the Sorakatenus. This is a hands-on type of place wherein the kids are given a chance to create their own dolls and toys with some supervision.

Most visitors who do not bring their kids along the trip surely would come back and make sure they are with them since this place is a good experience and exposure for the kid’s creativity. When visiting, keep track of their schedules so it would not waste your time when you arrive there when they are closed for cleaning. With the Toys and Workshop Museum they are usually closed on Mondays but you still have to check if their schedule has changed.

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  1. János says:

    Kecskemet is amazing, best town to live!

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    Kecskemet is amazing, best town to live!

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