Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park
Photo by: donut_p , Creative Commons

Kenting National Park is divided into the north and south by the Hegchun valley plain. It was established on the first day of 1984 and is Taiwan’s first national park.

You can find it in Hengchun, Pintung County. It contains a vast number of Taiwan’s population and its size of 333 square kilometer includes 181 square kilometers of land. It consists of a variety of animal species which will bring enthusiasm into the hearts of this world’s animal lovers. The vast number of species includes 310 kinds of birds, 216 types of butterflies, 21 kinds of freshwater fish and various species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The place also owns a series of bedazzling landscapes which extend from the north to the south. The movement of the crust is mirrored through its topography and has caused much movement on the peninsula which makes everything very interesting for geologists.

Worldwide, Kenting National Park is actually known as the haven for water lovers because of its beautiful sea. It is really the epitome of a heavenly paradise. Aside from the many kinds of animals, you can also find here various species of endangered plants-including the Taiwanese orchids. Going here will assure you a good chance for recreational activities, and a providence of luxury, relaxation and pleasure. You are sure to enjoy here the enchantments of its natural resources.

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