Kimberley Diamond Mines

Kimberley Diamond Mines 400
The “Big Hole”, Kimberley, South Africa
Photo by: Irene2005, Creative Commons

Kimberley Diamond Mines is also known as the “Big Hole.” This is the largest diamond mine in the world. Kimberley is the capital city of Northern Cape in South Africa, which can be found near the convergence of Vaal and Orange Rivers. The town made its way into history books not only because of its past with regards to diamond mining but also a siege at the time of the Second Boer War. It is worth mentioning that famous people like Cecil John Rhodes made a fortune at this place. It was also during the early days of this mining town when the De Beers Corporation started its business at the location.

The Kimberley Diamond Mines is so big that it can actually be seen from space. The mine was dug by hand, and its pit has produced some of the largest diamonds in the world, and has made the De Beers famous all over the world. When you visit Kimberley, you will be entertained by a movie that talks about the location and a brief history of the diamond mining industry in Africa. The movie runs for about 17 minutes.

When you visit Kimberley, you will experience a walk on a high platform where you can view the Kimberley Diamond Mines or The Big Hole. Your guide will take you to a ride down to a reproduction of a mining shaft where you can enter into a locked vault. In here, you will see real diamonds in all colors. There is a small museum that chronicles the beginnings of Kimberley. Many people are enamored with the Bible that was hollowed out by the miners in the hopes of smuggling some of the diamonds from the bottom of the mines. This stopped when searches were organized in 1883.

Aside from the historical indulgence when visiting the Kimberley Diamond Mines, you can visit and have a jolly good time at the nearby café, jewelry shops, and, the gift stores.

5 responses to “Kimberley Diamond Mines”

  1. Teya Coetzee says:

    Hi, would like to visit the mine in April 2011. Do we need to book to take the tour?


  2. kyah says:

    yes you do, i went there last year in september. a great experience. you will need to book a tour with a company, i have forgotten what company i used but make sure that you do a background check on them before you go. have a great time, hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  3. ollie salt says:

    hey im Ollie.

    i would love to visit the mine and thinksit look fabulous
    how can i get a great vien have you got any recomendations

    regards Ollie Salt

  4. Joseph Nolan says:

    Hi teya and kyah!!
    I would luuuurve to visit Kimberley hole!
    Any tips about where else I can go?
    Love you!

  5. Aaron Cowen says:

    Any ideas how to research ancestors who worked in the mine. Is there any records? My Great Great Great Grandfather William McIntosh was an Engineer and was at Kimberley during the seige.

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