Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park 400
Kings Canyon National Park
Photo by: paleontour , Creative Commons

Rocky and dry, orange to red, many tall cliffs and steep gorges, walks and more walks – these are what tourists should expect at Kings Canyon National Park. Located inside the Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon overshadows its mother park as everyone refers to it, from the tour packages down to resort names rather than the original Watarrka. The park houses the George Gill Range and offers outdoor experience for adventure hikers.

The park is almost reddish due the over abundance of sandstone in the area. With its burnt valleys and cliffs, the scenic spots will most likely be dominated by two hues, red for land and blue for the sky.

Activities include walking, hiking and driving around the rocky hills. Popular walks include the King Creeks Walk and the King Canyon Rim Walk. The first one is an hour of easy walks while exploring the vegetation and wildlife of the canyon. Meanwhile the King Canyon Rim Walk is the opposite. It is a difficult walk that requires much experience and strong fitness while trailing the steep steps. Other notable walks include the Kathleen Springs Walk which is the easiest of all and the Giles Track, which needs a straight two days with overnight camping to finish. Scenic spots and walking stops for picturesque view include the Garden of Eden and the Lost City, both a natural wonder of rocky formations in the park.

To visit, it is advisable to use a car. However, for a better and satisfying outdoor exploration, an off-road vehicle is advised to be able to climb the rocky and steep curves of the canyon. In no time you will be stopping to set foot on the canyon’s floor. The best season to visit is during the cool months, from April to September, to avoid the scorching heat of the sun in the arid land.

Kings Canyon National Park

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