Knossos Palace

Knossos 400
Knossos Palace
Photo by: Mauricio Pellegrinitti, Creative Commons

Greece is such a lovely place to visit either alone or with the family. It may be an expensive travel but definitely worth all the savings you’d set aside. Considered as one a visitor’s destination, there is one remarkable place you should add to your itinerary, Knossos Palace.

The Knossos Palace, or the called the labyrinth is found on the island of Crete. It is the center of ceremonies during the ancient times. There, you could marvel at the sites of images carved so visible on the walls all thanks to the careful restoration and upkeep of archeologists. Well, Greece is not a place for you to spark a romance since it speaks more of taking that journey to revisit the old ruins and keep in touch with the rich history Greece has to offer.

When you visit Greece, all the ancient stories come to life and here at the Knossos Palace, all 130 meters of it. Urban legends or myths like the Minotaur who was believed to be half man and half bull, grace the walls. Ask any local, and remarkable facts surrounding the palace would be revealed like it was erected around the 1400 BC and when youthink as to how it was built, there is only one way to describe it – manually.

Being in Greece for a couple of days would really allow you to get in touch with the past that is the very reason why visitors from all over the country would prefer visiting this place and other visitor spots as well. You will really enjoy the sweet breeze while visiting the Knossos Palace since the Mediterranean Sea is not far behind.

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