Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo 400
Kom Ombo Temple
Photo by: Son of Groucho, Creative Commons

In Kom Ombo, you will see a temple that aims to serve 2 sets of gods at the same time. The Kom Ombo Temple has a double design with 2 entrances and duplicate rooms. The south part of the double temple is offered for gods Sobek (crocodile god of fertility and creation), Hathor (goddess of love, joy and motherhood) and Knhonsu (moon god). The north part is dedicated to Panebtawy (lord of 2 lands), Tasenetnofret (Good sister) and Horus the elder (Falcon god).

The need to build a double structure for the gods is opened up because according to Egyptian mythology, Sobek is an enemy of Horus because of its alliance with the wicked god Seth. In order to appease both alliances, the people of the place built the double Kom Ombo temple. The south part is full of crocodile representations because it is offered for Sobek. The north part is full of falcon representations as a sign of reverence to Horus.

The structure is filled with duplicate architecture. There are 2 courts, 2 colonnades, 2 hypostyle halls, and 2 sanctuaries. Although some of the original items and carvings in the temple are no longer present today, you would still appreciate the unique Egyptian style in the place. Each of the courts before has each set of priests will have its own worship and prayer rituals.

The temple is a brainchild of Ptolemy VI Philometer and was continued by Ptolemy XII building the exterior and interior hypostyle walls full with representations of surgical tools. Due to natural weathering, the temple was slowly disintegrating in the 18th century but due to the efforts of De Morgan he renovated the place circa 1893.

In ancient Egypt, crocodiles were considered as gods. People offer sacrifices to the once vast population of crocodiles in the Nile River. The temple displays several crocodile mummies found near the place.

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