One of the Beaches on Kuta
Photo by: jenniferphoon, Creative Commons

Enjoying a beach outing doesn’t need to be costly. In Kuta, Indonesia you can enjoy the white sand and the beach as in Bali for less. The town is a few minutes away from the airport so you can reach get to your destination in just a short time. A lot of visitors also go for Kuta as it has a quieter and more peaceful ambiance than any other beach in Indonesia. This is perfect for visitors who want to spend serene moments with their love ones. The nature’s beauty around the town is also magnificent and you can absolutely rest away from city life.

Kuta was originally a fishing village for its locals. But because of the beach, a lot of tourists have frequented the town. The beach here is famous for its big waves which are favorable for surfers, so surfing is a major event in the town. You can also enjoy walking in the fine white sand in the coast of the beach and the bright blue color of the reflection of its bay. The water is also shallow in the coast so visitors oftentimes enjoy walking in the half-ankle level to knee-deep length of the clear blue water. Other than the beach, many tourists also visit the Sangeh Monkey Forest, the home of many native-born monkeys. The nature can be highly appreciated there as it is well preserved by the locals.

Upon planning your trip to Kuta, you can choose to stay in various hotels around the town. This includes the Hard Rock Hotel, the Bounty Hotel, Inna Kuta Beach and many more. These hotels have been famous for different unique cuisines that can only be tasted in Kuta. You can also find good deals in food choices as there are many specialty restaurants there like La Lucciola, Aroma’s Café, Kori Restaurant and Bar, Ku De Ta, Kafe Warisan and a lot more. Each of these restaurants offers their own Indonesian cuisine to be proud of. Be sure to taste all the native cuisines in these restaurants in order to complete your trip to Kuta!

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  1. I’ve been there and it’s so special….

  2. oh bali, heaven of earth. only in indonesia

  3. yes I agree with this article, Kuta has a lot of thing to enjoy

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