Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora 400
Kutna Hora
Photo by: Robert Paul Young, Creative Commons

Escape the deafening sounds of the city when you travel to the Czech Republic. There is once place that will offer tranquility known as the Kutna Hora. This little town is one of the top tourist destinations which will take you a day’s trip from Prague to reach. Do not underestimate this small town for it is extremely rich in history. It is in the 13th Century when Kutna Hora discovered silver in their land. That is why a few decades after that discovery, the royal mint was started and soon produced the Prague groschen coins. Even though they are indeed known as the original royal mint, you will find it very interesting and worthwhile to know that even though the town sleeps, the history of past periods still seep through every wall.

Aside from the melting pot of royal mints, the little town of Kutna Hora has attracted millions of tourists from different parts of the globe to come and feel what its like to visit the Ossuary or more commonly known as the Bone Church. This is the resting place of over 40,000 bones from different people who donated their family’s remains to the Church. It is one landmark to visit for your travel since it would surely give you the creeps. Since they are human bones artfully laid out, you surely would gasp in awe and respect to the builders of such place. You can reach Kutna Hora by bus where you’ll find first-class hotels for you to drop off your things before you start the tour.

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