The Main Street in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe
Photo by: wikipedia, Creative Commons

Kwekwe, formerly spelled as Que Que, is located in the Midlands of Zimbabwe. The town of Kwekwe was built during 1898 because of a gold mine that was discovered in the area. It was named after the Kwekwe River, a body of water near the settlement which was named after the croaking sound native frogs made. There are four different mine deposits that have been discovered in Kwekwe. Aside from being known for gold, Kwekwe is also an industrial hub for fertilizer and steel.

One of the main tourist attractions in Kwekwe is the National Mining Museum which displays the importance and history of Kwekwe as a mining town. If you like antique machinery, you’ll love the displays and exhibits in the National Mining Museum. If you’re a fan of cricket (the sport) you may pay a visit at the Kwekwe Sports Club. You can watch cricket matches between Zimbabwe’s cricket team and various visiting teams, usually from Kenya.

Another main reason why tourists visit Kwekwe is the safari. There is a variety of wildlife around Kwekwe which includes Rhinos, Kudus, Sables, Elands and other large antelopes and endangered animals such as Lions and the African Elephant. Some tourist guides and operators allow hunting in the safari and their farms. If you want to go hunting, then visit some of the guides. Be warned though that the government is making moves to put an end to wild game hunting due to conservation issues. If you want to stay on the safe side, then just go on a regular safari and shoot a camera instead of a gun.

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