Ninomaru Palace, Nijo Castle
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Kyoto has been the home of various events that shaped the Japanese history. The city was once the capital of Japan, therefore sheltering the imperial family. It has gone through so many wars that almost demolished its structures. Also, the city contains 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and 20% of Japan’s national treasures reside in Kyoto, making it a must-see place indeed. To top it all, the industrialization the area underwent made it more tourist-friendly, as parks and museums were opened all over the city. Many would say that Kyoto is less attractive than other famous cities in Japan; however, this is quite untrue.

Kyoto’s beauty is within the city walls. If you know where to go and what destinations to see, you would definitely love the perfect combination of ancient culture and modern architecture that is Kyoto.

Of the vast number of tourist destinations present in Kyoto, here are some of the places and events that will make you feel genuinely attached to Kyoto.

Kyoto Tower
Kyoto Tower is one of the most modern edifices in the city. A beautiful landmark that could match even the world famous Tokyo Tower, Kyoto Tower is the symbol of the city.

Nijo Castle
A proof of Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage, Nijo castle was built even before the well-known Meiji era. It was the same castle where the emperor released a decision of abolishing the Shogunate in the beginning of the era. That’s quite an interesting piece of history! Aside from its historical value, the castle will certainly amaze every tourist with its elaborate architecture and beautifully-crafted metal carvings.

Kiyomizudera Temple
A visit to the Kiyomizudera Temple might be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life! Go to this temple and witness the stunning view of the city of Kyoto. Kiyomizudera means “pure water temple”, which describes the spring that surrounds the spot. This spring is believed to have healing powers.

As promised, Kyoto has its own share of natural wonders that deserve renown. Some of them are the Heian Shrine, the Philosopher’s Walk, a trail adorned with cherry blossoms, the Ohara, and many other valleys and mountains.

Nightlife in Kyoto is as cool and vivacious as other urban areas in Japan. Pontocho, located in the Gion district, is full of restaurants and other night-out spots that will make your stay in Kyoto a colorful one.

Gion Matsuri and Aoi Matsuri are two events to watch out for in the city. Gion Matsuri is considered as the most popular festival in Japan, while the latter is a parade depicting historical scenes from the Heian period.

Kyoto Famous Landmarks

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