La Scala Opera House

La Scala 400
La Scala Opera House
Photo by: Bernt Rostad, Creative Commons

Visiting Italy, especially Milan, a must see is the La Scala Opera House. When you reserve tickets for the evening, do come in your best formal wear. A lot of visitors would prefer to visit different places in Italy wearing just their jeans and shirt and their sturdy boots. Well, make this an exception since there is a given protocol in Milan as to what clothes to wear at the opera house.

The La Scala Opera House has been in operation since 1778. December is quite important and memorable for the people here since that is the feast day of their saint thus marking the start of the season for plays and ballets. Everything must end at the strike of twelve, so women can feel like Cinderella as they leave the magnificently built La Scala Opera House.

Opera may not be everyone’s liking, but for you to be able to witness and experience how the evening shows were intricately put together for the delight of the audience, now that will remain in your heart. It also is a good place to get your photo taken since La Scala Opera House is so famous around the world. You may even record some parts of the play especially when you are seated in the boxes where wealthy people choose to stay. You call these boxes the palchi. Generations ago, if you do not belong to the upper crust of society who could afford to watch at the palchi, you are going to sit at loggione.

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  1. I have this on my list of must visit places before I die. I mean how can you love opera and not see a performance at La Scala!!

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