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It is the second largest city next to Karachi. Lahore, the capital of Punjab, is the cultural heart of Pakistan. The main language used in the city is Punjabi, the native language of the province.

The architectural designs of most buildings in Lahore are deeply influenced by the Mughals, which is why the city is called the Garden of Mughals. The intricate architecture and the rich culture of the city are the main highlights of Lahore.

The climate in Lahore is characterized by long summers, dry and mild winters, and dust storms.

It is one of Pakistan’s most accessible cities. Different transportation means can be found in Lahore. It is the home of the Pakistani Railways which is an important transportation means for commuters. Aside from this, the Pakistani Railways connect Lahore to far areas in the country for various reasons that include education, business, and tourism. Among other transportation roads are the Lahore Ring Road and the Grand Trunk Road. Buses, taxis, and even rickshaws are available in this city. There is also an airport, the Allama Iqbal International Airport, which is serviced by the Pakistan International Airlines in order to accommodate air travel.

Aside from the cultural uniqueness that is known to Lahore, it is also a host of many festivals all through out the year. This includes the celebration of the Eid ul-Fitr and the Eid ul-Adha. The annual urs, the death anniversary of the Sufi Saint, is also celebrated in Lahore. Also included in the list of the festivals celebrated in this city are the Festival of Lamps or Mela Chiraghan, the National Horse and Cattle Show, and the World Performing Arts Festival.

There are many fast food chains in Lahore these days. Western food chains like Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, and Kentucky Fried Chicken have already entered the territory of the food loving citizens of Lahore. For tourists, it is the delicacy of the food streets of the locales that is a must to try.

More importantly, there are many architectural establishments that you need to visit upon going to Lahore. The wide assortment of buildings that you need to see includes mosques like the Badshahi Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque, mausoleums including that of the Sikh Emperor Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Jahangir’s mausoleum, the Lahore Museum, the Minar-e-Pakistan, and the Hazuri Bagh Baradari.

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