Lisbon City in Portugal
Photo by: mcpig, Creative Commons

Are you looking for a different place to visit? Why not try Lisbon in Portugal? To start off your Portuguese adventure, try looking for a great experience at the heart of the country. The city is special and it belongs to the list of global alpha cities. With 2.8 million people inhabiting the metropolitan area of Lisbon and its economic importance, the city is one of the most significant areas in the Iberian Peninsula. Lisbon is also the seat of government and has a GDP higher than the European average.

Lisbon is also the westernmost capital of the European mainland and is close to the Atlantic Ocean. The Monsanto Forest Park occupying 10 km is located in the city. The park is one of the biggest there is in Europe.

The vibrant city has a very temperate Mediterranean climate, one of the nicest climates on the European continent with a lot of sunshine. The months of May to September are the best for many tourists because the skies are generally clear and blue with little to no rain.

For people who are interested in culture and arts, the city is teeming with historical structures designed in Modern, Post-modern, Baroque, Romanesque and other architectural styles that will surely satisfy the intellectual curiosity of visitors. Furthermore, museums in the city hold large collections of artifacts with some of the popular museums being the National Museum of Ancient Art and the National Museum of Costume and Fashion.

If you would like a taste of the modern life, the Bairro Alto is the heart of the city’s nightlife. It is colorful, entertaining and will surely cater to the needs of its visitors whether it is for shopping or other entertainment activities.

For a one of the kind vacation that offers adventure in everything to arts and tradition, culture, and romance, visit the city of Libson.

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    Lisbon is the best city I have ever been in my hole life, I love it and is Really calm and its pretty, have a go, try go to lovely lisbon believe me is worth it and visit the place called Odivelas is Really beutifull??

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