Little Mermaid Statue

Little Mermaid Statue 400
Little Mermaid Statue
Photo by: Celesteh , Creative Commons

Visit Copenhagen, Denmark to see the Little Mermaid. Did you know that the Little Mermaid Statue has attracted thousands of tourists around the globe? For you to get to the the Little Mermaid Statue, you need to start walking for around ten minutes when you start from the cruise ship pier. You would not miss her since she is about five feet tall, sits on a rock and has a lot a tourists hovering around her. She has been posing for the cameras since August of 1913.

When you visit Denmark, her statue is often cordoned off while she undergoes restorations due to vandalism. There are times when she lost an arm, gets dowsed in paint and even shoved off to fall in the sea since her popularity has always been in the center of almost everyone’s imagination.

The moment you see her, you will wonder why she looks so small but in photos she appear to be as big as you! Nevertheless, tourists from all over the world still want to see who is the model of the Little Mermaid Statue. Did you know that it was Primaballerina named Ellen Price? She did not pose nude so the sculptor asked his wife to do the pose.

You will definitely have the grandest trips of your life when you find out that the Little Mermaid Statue goes beyond the Disney story. It is what brings Denmark into the maps of all the tourists like you who would want to pay tribute to childhood memories and childhood dreams – rekindled and not forgotten.

5 responses to “Little Mermaid Statue”

  1. gabby says:

    hi everyone this thing is strange but cool i wonder how they made it so shaped hahaha lol i want to go there

  2. ice says:

    omg this person is so cool

  3. ice says:

    omg why is no one ansering me

  4. xo says:

    Went to Denmark two summers ago and had the privilege of viewing this lovely statue! definitely a must see if you’re in Copenhagen!

  5. izi4real says:

    Soo cool. it is very sad that people would eaven think to vandelise this girl she is marvollus, deffintly first on my list of places to go and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST SEE

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