Liverpool from over the Mersey at Birkenhead
Photo by: dean_dave, Creative Commons

Liverpool England is a city that is known to have a rich cultural heritage. Being the birthplace of the Beatles, thousands of fans flock to the city annually just to get a glimpse of the city where the Beatles developed into the musical icons that they are now. But a trip down memory lane into Beatles history isn’t the only thing that Liverpool can offer you. With its new façade of modern buildings and a newer outlook towards the future, you can expect the city to flourish even more in the years to come.

As it is located on the Mersey River, Liverpool is considered to have one of the most interesting ports in the world. It is believed to have bid farewell to millions of immigrants who left for the United States, so if you’re an American with an English heritage, your ancestors would have likely left the country from the Mersey docks. If you want to know more about the history of these docks, then head on to the Merseyside Maritime Museum and explore the different galleries that are on display.

Some architectural gems that you shouldn’t miss include the Royal Liver Building and the St. George’s hall. These buildings not only symbolize the past glory days of Liverpool, but its undying spirit as well. You should also pay a visit to the Croxteth Hall and Country Park, which is one of Liverpool’s most famous heritage sites. Here you’ll get a chance to see what a country estate used to look like in the olden days, complete with a historic hall, a Victorian walled garden and the Croxteth home farm. Make sure to visit the West Derby courthouse, as it is one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool that still exists to this day.

Lastly, Your Liverpool holiday will never be complete without taking a step into the Beatles Story. This museum boasts of having the largest collection of Beatles artifacts and memorabilia in the world. If you’re into classical music then visit the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Hall. Even if they’re not open for shows, you can still enjoy the music as you take a sip of your drink at the philharmonic pub, just a few steps away from the grand orchestra hall.

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    Go Liverpool!! We love you!!

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    It is the nicest, calmest place you will ever see! AWESOME