Lodz in Poland
Photo by: emmanueldyan, Creative Commons

If you have heard of Woodge, Poland before but are not sure exactly where it is, then you should know that “Woodge” is simply the pronunciation of Lodz. Although this city is relatively young compared to other cities in Poland, it nevertheless existed hundred of years ago.

Lodz is Poland’s Industrial Revolution’s direct product and the country’s 3rd largest city. This is the reason it was also called “The Manchester of Poland.” While many prefer the charisma of the other cities such as Krakow and Prague, still others love the dark history and wacky stories that surround Lodz. During the 14th century, Lodz population ballooned following the Industrial Revolution making Lodz the youngest metropolis of Poland. It was even called “The Promise Land” with its rich textile industry thriving at the time that enticed thousands of people to move to the city from England, Central Europe and Switzerland, trying to find greener pastures. The movie based on the novel of famous Nobel Prize winner Wladyslaw Reymont entitled the Promised Land, portrayed these times in Lodz.

Like most of the other cities in Poland, Lodz was ruined by World War II. Worst of all, the Jewish dwellers were butchered and murdered. The Russians and Germans were pushed back to where they came from. And just like other Polish cities, Lodz managed to restore its status and once again became an important center for industry and even a great location for Polish counter-culture and art.

There are many places to visit in Lodz such as museums and churches. The city is home to many accommodations and transportation services that will make the visit of tourists worthwhile and comfortable. The main reason that many people who go to Lodz is to start a business in the city that will eventually make them rich.

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2 responses to “Lodz”

  1. Will Bonney says:

    I think you forgot to mention it also had the biggest Jewish Ghetto created in WW2, was the site of thousands of Jews taken to Aushwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno. Where the Polish and German’s too over Jewish shops, properties and home while forcing them behind a wall, until they were taken to concentration and mainly extermination camps.

    Don’t you think this should be added as well….? Think that’s a pretty big part of it’s history as well.

  2. Sam Jaworskii says:

    No, I don’t think it should be added, not really. Everyone knows about the holocaust already, thanks. It was a terrible thing and should never ever be repeated. However, the Jews have been using it ever since to try to insure that there is enough sympathy so that they’re not kicked out of Israel, having been put there as a recompense for the holocaust (in a nutshell). Get over it, and let’s move on and think about the future instead.

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