Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple in Egypt
Photo by: watchsmart, Creative Commons

Luxor is a town cum city which is located in the southern Egypt and is called the capital of Luxor governorate. Almost thousands of tourists visit the site every year and contribute a lot to the economy of the town. It has some great historic monuments. The temple of Luxor fulfills the purpose for suitable set of rituals and festivals. The Luxor temple is considered to be the center of attraction in the entire town. A lot of festivals are celebrated in this temple. The most common one is the festival of Opet.

The temple was built by Amenhotep III and Ramesse II. The history of the temple is very interesting and exciting. It is said that during the 18th dynasty the festival were celebrated as a reconciliation of the human aspect of the ruler. During this time the festival used to last for 11 days. However, by the end f 20th century the festival celebration days went up to 27 days which is almost close to a month. More than 11,000 bread slices, close to eighty five cakes and 385 jars of beer was distributed amongst the local town people. The entire town was only into modes of fun and celebration. A procession of the images was carried out & used to be taken to the temple. Herds of crown could be seen dancing, singing and having fun while the procession was carried out. The Luxor temp is a must to see site, if you plan your tip to Egypt. One can hire a well trained guide who can help you show the temple and enrich your experience with his in depth knowledge of the history.

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