Maldives Islands

Maldives 400
Steps to Maldives
Photo by: Chi King, Creative Commons

Tourism is the major industry of the Maldives Islands. Tourism plays a key role for the countries service sector as well as creating a wide range of employment here. Maldives features sandy beaches with clear waters and a number of hotels and resorts are located nearby. The beaches feature outstanding natural scenery with clear waters, in addition Maldives is also ranked as the worlds best recreational diving destination.

Every year Maldives attracts people worldwide and provides the best services. The tourism in the Maldives began in the 1960s as a part of United Nations mission. The first resort was built here in the year 1972 and the fist tourist group arrived here was in the same year.

At the beginning there were two resorts with 280 beds. In the present day, there are about 80 resorts and every year Maldives is being visited by 600,000 tourists.

The natural beauty in the Maldives is the major attractions that include the white beaches with clear waters. The underwater scenery is a highlight and the beaches are the best spots for water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, water-skiing, fishing and swimming.

Maldives features one of the best hotels in the world and unique resorts. In addition Maldives, feature coffee shops, restaurants, driving schools, pubs and bars. Most of the resorts display local artifacts and promote other activities such as table tennis, volley ball and aerobics.

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  1. Daniel Tan says:

    Last time I went there for a trip,a magnificent view of sandy beaches and clear waters made me feel this is HEAVEN!

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