Temple entrance in Mandalay
Photo by: dulk, Creative Commons

Palaces, kings, and queens are not only in movies. If you pay a visit to Mandalay, Myanmar, you will understand why. As the last standing royal capital of Burma, you can feel and experience the royalty that you thought can only be experienced in movies.

To start your trip in this magnificent city, you need to visit the Mandalay Palace. Though this great place has been ruined by fire during the Second World War, you can still see its remnants such as the walls, city gates, pavilion, and the moat. Having a view of this complex will make you one step closer to utmost royalty.

Besides this palace, Mandalay houses and various landmarks that speak of the culture of Burma can also be seen in this city. With a simple visit in this place, you can perfectly understand the rest of the country. For instance, the city houses several attractions that honor their great religion, which is Buddhism.

There are the holy Buddhist Mountain Mandalay Hill, Maha Muni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Buddha’s Replica Tooth Relic Pagoda, and a lot more. With these many treats to the tourists, you can see for yourself how their religion affects the life of all the people in the country.

Moreover, you can have a unique experience in Mandalay’s Yadanabon Zoological Garden. Though this is a small zoo, it holds the record of being the only zoo that houses Burmese roofed turtles. So, there is no reason to miss this garden when you get here after exploring the religious and royal background of Burma. Mandalay is definitely a city that can offer you a one of a kind experience.

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