Intramuros Walls amidst a Manila Skyline
Photo by: insmu74, Creative Commons

Manila is the Philippines’s capital and center for development. It is in this city that big corporations and establishments operate. Manila is the focal point of the country’s industrial sector. This is usually the first stop for a lot of foreigners that visit the country as this is where the international airport is.

Beyond the busyness of the city lie wonderful and fascinating sights to see. There are also different mesmerizing places to visit in Manila. Everyone who has gone to the city would want to go back to enjoy more of Manila.

Rizal Park is one of the most significant places to see in the city. This park was built in tribute to the Philippine national hero, Jose P. Rizal, who fought for the country’s independence during the Spanish government. The park is a haven for relaxation and family fun in the middle of Metro Manila. It has gardens, marks of history, plazas, stadiums, observatory, restaurants, kiosks and playgrounds. Rizal Park offers a magnificent view of Manila Bay; watching the sunset here is such a sweet delight.

Intramuros is another one of the must-see places in Manila. Intramuros literally means “inside the walls” because it is an old walled city. This place houses the Fort Santiago that was built by Spaniards in the 1500s. The fort that was built during the Spanish regime was destroyed in the American-Japanese war. The Philippines salvaged its remains and turned it into a historical museum.

Aside from these places, you may still find comfort and relaxation from the many majestic churches and museums of the city. There are different zoos and ocean parks that you can visit with your whole family. Even the cemeteries of Manila speak of the rich history of the country. The remains of the people who fought in the Philippine revolution lie in these places.

Manila is a highly urbanized area. Transportation is easy as there are jeeps and taxis everywhere. There are hotels in every corner of the street. If you ever plan on going to the city, you will enjoy the day life and appreciate the night life even better.

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