Marbella – Parque Natural Sierra de Las Nieves
Photo by: Bert K, Creative Commons

There is a small city in the province of Andalusia in Spain that has drawn great attention from visitors. The city of Marbella is close to the Mediterranean where it is home to one of its famous beaches, Costa del Sol.

The city of Marbella may be small but is filled with beauty. It can be easily accessed by bus or from the airport in Malaga. Some prefer to go to this place as it promotes exclusivity while others merely enjoy it for the brilliance of the bay. There are a few popular celebrities who have once resided and still owns homes in this place. Among them are Sean Connery, Rod Stewart, and many other celebrities.

As you stroll the seaside of Marbella, you will feel the cool breeze that is drawn by the open waters of the sea. The paths are lined with thick palm trees that provide shade and adds the fresh and comfortable feeling of the air. There are two main beaches in this city that is frequented by individuals who would like to take a cool dip or bask in the sun. These are the Playa de Fontanilla and the Playa de la Bajadilla. These are the places to go if you would like to unwind and relax while marveling at the magnificent sights of the sea.

Other popular tourist spots in the area are the Arabian wall, Encarnation’s church, old city center, Museu del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo and the Bonsai Museum. The Puerto Banus is another site where you will find yachts by the marina. This small city is also constantly used for as settings for films. Perhaps it is because of the natural beauty that the place has to offer without compromising the quality.

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