Ruins in Mary, Turkmenistan
Photo by: yaluker, Creative Commons

Most people seldom consider Turkmenistan as a travel destination especially during the summer season, the problem is; they may just not know where to go. The bone-dry climate of this country in Central Asia can be attributed to the many deserts therein, specially the Karakum Desert. But did you know that there is a real life “oasis” in this region?

An oasis is usually depicted in movies and novels as a hallucination a person sees when he is the desert and suffering from heatstroke, to the Turks, that is exactly what the city of Mary is like. This city is known by the names Merv, Meru and Margiana and is the capital of district. It is located along the Murghab River in the Karatum desert that is why it is a literal oasis.

Visitors that come here often visit the Regional Museum that hosts the artifacts of the ancient city that once stood in its place. It provides some sort of sanctuary for travelers who are not accustomed to the hot weather and dry winds.

As a part of Turkmenistan, Mary’s cultural diversity proves just how rich a region it is. The areas of the city also cater to farm land for cotton and cereals. There is a reserve for natural gas which helps the country’s economic stability.

The travel getting to Mary may be a tiring and hot one, considering it is located in the desert, but it will certainly be worth it once you get to experience a true modern oasis.

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