Ferdowsi’s Tomb
Photo by: martianboy2005, Creative Commons

In the ancient times, many cities were populated because of significant religious events that took place in them. Mashhad is one of those cities. This was formerly a humble town near the Afghanistan and Turkmenistan borders. But when Imam Ali Reza, the eighth of the twelve Shia Imam, was laid to rest here at the Imam Ridha Mosque, the population boomed.

Every year 12 to 15 million Muslims pilgrims flock to Mashhad and pay tribute to the holy Imam Ali Reza. Even if you are not a Muslim, you will surely appreciate Mashhad. There many structures and architectural wonders here that will leave you speechless. Moreover, this city is also culturally rich as it houses the Tous Museum and was the home of Ferdowsi, writer of the national epic, the Shahnameh.

The Shrine of Imam Ali Reza really is the pinnacle of Mashhad. It is the reason why so many people moved here. Pilgrims bring business in so that the locals have a flourishing income. For both Muslims and non-Muslims, the Shrine of Imam Ali Reza is a great place to get in touch with your spirituality.

The climate is also good in Mashhad, which makes it an easy place to go around in. Other sites to see are the Tous Museum, which contain ancient Persian artifacts and modern Iranian art. Here, you can find relief carvings that depict scenes from the epic Shahnameh. Mashhad is great place to visit, regardless of your personal religious beliefs.

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