Forestry School in Mbalmayo, Cameroon
Photo by: Wiki Commons, Creative Commons

Enjoy the serene yet extravagant display of the flora and fauna at Mbalmayo, Cameroon! Before heading off to this enchanting place in Central Africa, it would be best for you to check first with the kinds of vaccines that you will need to protect your body. Keep in mind that this is a very tropical land so pack liquids and food for your voyage. Wear pants and long sleeved shirts that are cool to the body since mosquitoes are swarming. Enjoy the 12 hours of sunlight!

Here in Mbalmayo, Cameroon, you will delight in the scenic view of the Pygmy Caves. It is such a tourist hotspot since these caves allow you to trek to the site with little difficulty.

The forests of Mbalmayo, Cameroon are very beautiful. You can choose from different forests to explore such as the Diamare Plane and even the Mandar range. Sudan Savannah is a woody trail so choose your toughest boots to go exploring in that area.

If you want to visit something with vegetation, better trek off to the Guinea Savannah on the Adamawa Plateau. Filled with herbaceous species, you will get the chance to see a large herd of Zebu and other animals too.

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    when are exams lounged in to the school of forestry cameroon

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    what are the requirements in to the forestry school in mbalmayo

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