Melbourne Night Lights
Photo by: Linh rOm, Creative Commons

There are two things that are notable about Melbourne, Australia: its cultural heritage as the city of gold, and its penchant for sporting events. These are the main reasons why it is one of the most visited cities in the world. Visit Melbourne for its wonderful mix of modern and Victorian architecture, its vast convention centers, its cultural and historical landmarks, its avant-garde festivals, and its exciting sporting events. Of course, a vacation would not be complete without the shopping and the food. Melbourne’s Federation Square and the New Quay could provide you with a welcome break from your city explorations.

As the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is home to a number of Australian cultural institutions. From Australian film and feature film to television, impressionist art, and dance, Melbourne is proud to be a cultural birthing place. The Australian music later caught on and taken root in this is cultural center. Melbourne was also recognized by UNESCO as a city of literature. All sorts of cultural events and festivals are scheduled in Melbourne throughout the year. No matter what time of year you decide to go on a Melbourne vacation, you will surely be able to catch one of their renowned cultural exhibitions. Don’t forget to visit important landmarks like the State Library of Victoria with its beautifully landscaped lawn leading up to the entry and the Shrine of Remembrance held so majestically by majestic columns. The National Gallery of Victoria is also a must-see, being the first and largest art gallery in Australia.

Take a day off to take in the scenery as you ply the Great Ocean Road. This is a two hundred mile route that takes you through Australia’s beautiful coastline. The view is as scenic as can be the whole year round. Tourists stop along the route to take a quick stroll on the coastline. There are several quaint local restaurants along the way. Lodging places are also available. For those who are more adventurous, camping spaces where you can pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoor air are also available. The Great Ocean Road route takes you west of Geelong right down to Portland. As the temperature in Melbourne could change from warm to cool, it would be a good idea to bring clothing that you can layer when it gets too cool and take off when it is too warm.

For the sports enthusiast, there is no other place in Australia that you can visit than Melbourne. This city is the sporting capital of Australia and home to the largest sports stadium in the country, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This stadium is also considered to be the world’s largest cricket ground. The National Sports Museum of Australia is also located in Melbourne. Today, it stands in the Olympic Stand. There are three major international sporting events are held in Melbourne every year: tennis’ Australian Open, horse racing’s Melbourne Cup, and Formula One’s Australian Grand Prix.

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  1. Akshit says:

    Wow,what a city it was ,Melbourne I have seen many amazing things there but nothing beyond this . It is not written in the in the above information that it has tower called as ‘Eurek tower’.Can you imagen how many floors it can be?50,60 or 70, no wrong guess it has 88 floors.

  2. hi says:

    i live there

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