Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Village 400
Mergui Archipelago Village
Photo by: LawrieM, Creative Commons

The Mergui Archipelago is a group of islands in southern Burma. It features 800 islands that cover several hundreds of square kilometers and lies close to the Andaman Sea of the Malay Peninsula to the western shore. The local people here are known as “Pashu” as a result, the islands referred to as the “Pashu Islands”.

The islands are composed of granite and limestone. The islands are wrapped with sandy beaches and the water from the Andaman Sea results in a major amount of flora and fauna.

The Mergui Archipelago is one of the best places during the monsoons. Also there are number of spots in the seas that are famous for diving and fishing. The offshore islands are wrapped with rocks and features rich marine life such as rays, sharks, eels and dolphins. The major islands in the Mergui Archipelago are

The Salone Island
The Salone Island is situated at the Thai Myanmar Border and it features one of the best beaches. The major attractions in the island are fishing and snorkeling.

Myaunk Ni Island
This island is also called as Red Monkey Island and it is famous for the wide variety of marine products. The island features white sand beaches, forests, fishes, dolphins and corals.

Myin Khwar Island
This island is also known as Horse Shoe Island. It features a protected beach and the water is very clear compared to the other beaches. The major attractions here are the fishing and snorkeling sites, rock climbing and boat trips.

Philar Island
This island is also called as Great Swintons Island. The beaches feature white sands and snorkeling is the major attraction here. In addition the island is also the home for turtles, dolphins, sharks and monkeys.

Wa Ale Island
The Wa Ale Island features white sandy beaches and a number of snorkeling sites. The island also features a Marine Park and it has rich wild life that includes the tigers, monkeys and wild elephants.

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