Marine life in Mergui
Photo by: divemecressi, Creative Commons

It is about time to leave the historic scenes of Myanmar. It is now time for a new getaway with nature through more than the 800 islands including Mergui. Once here, you will start to experience the rich marine resources that in this archipelago in the country.

From its highest mountain range to the deepest underwater experience, Mergui can offer you almost everything you can dream of in a vacation. The exciting flora and fauna collection of the archipelago as well as the breathtaking underwater scenes, you will surely wish to visit here year after year. You will have every reason in the world to have this experience once more.

For one, you can gear up and dive in Merguiā€™s clear waters and see for yourself the magnificent creatures of fishes, sharks, and reefs. You can even encounter here rare species of fishes that you can only see under the waters of Myanmar. There are a lot of dive sites here in Mergui such as the Western Rocky Island, Fan Forest Pinnacle, and North Twin Island. A lot of divers compare the magnificence of these diving spots to be at par with Thailand. However, with the exotic marine life here in Myanmar, the difference is greatly seen.

Aside from diving banks, there is more of nature to see here in Mergui. For instance, there are tourist attractions here such as the Lon Khwet Kyun Bird Nest Cave, Shark Cave Island, Three Islets, Victoria Point, and a lot of other natural paradise.

When you feel like you had enough of the landmarks of the old Burma, you can be one with nature here in Mergui. Discover the paradise in the islands and the water of this great place.

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