Merida Cable Car

Merida Cable Car 400
Merida Cable Car, Venezula
Photo by: Blmurch , Creative Commons

The Merida cable car is the highest and longest cable car in the world. With a length that spans up to more than twelve kilometers and with an altitude that reaches up to almost five thousand meters, visiting the Merida cable car in Venezuela is something that every tourist should not miss.

Different stations are named after the views and the natural wonders that you will be seeing while riding the cable car. Be physically and emotionally prepared as you will definitely be left breathless once you see the majestic wonders in each station.

What You Should Not Miss

Each station in the Merida cable car is something that you should look out for. From Barinitas, La Montana, La Aguada, Loma Redonda, to Pico Bolivar, the view and the natural formations should not be missed as these are exotic wonders made by nature.

The Virgen de Las Nieves or the Virgin of the Snow is one attraction that you should not miss. From here, you can actually see the highest point which is Pico Bolivar if the weather is not that foggy. Pico Bolivar might seem that close when seen from Virgen de Las Nieves, but it still is actually a six hour trek away.

What You Should Remember

You can actually choose to trek from a station or two but you should be physically prepared for the challenges ahead. Hiring a guide for your trekking expedition will help in ensuring safety and also in making sure that you are on the right path. Also, when walking from one station to another, you will need a permit that you can get from the officials.

Suitable travel time will be from December to February to avoid seeing fog instead of the beautiful scenery. It is also advised that you take time exercising and practicing long walks since the place will require serious physical activities that will easily exhaust you if you are not ready.

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