Even though steeped in conflict, Israel can be quite a beautiful place to travel and explore, especially for the more adventurous types. Possessing a diverse number of regions with varying types of topography, everything from beautiful coastline, scraggly mountain tops, desert and valley landscapes, and everything in between can be found in Israel. Then, there are the towns and regions of Israel with the metropolitan areas of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, to the many little villages that are scattered throughout the desert.

Located in the Middle East, Israel has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years. The land has been invaded at some point in history by almost every empire in the world. It has been considered an immigrant country with various ethnic groups living there and is the birthplace to both Judaism and Christianity. With all of these diverse aspects leading to what the country is today, no wonder Israel is such a fascinating place to visit and learn about world history. Many artifacts and architectural relics are still available to see and experience. You can take a tour of the Western Wall at Temple Mount and witness the number of worshippers who go there to pray at this religious location. The Dome of the Rock is another religious location with its world famous golden roof, makes a great photo opportunity because of the size and beauty of this Islamic shrine. There is the Church of Holy Sepulcher where you can see the Stone of Anointment, the spot where Jesus is said to be prepared for his burial.

With so much history to absorb, Israel can be overwhelming for some, but one thing for sure, is that upon visiting this dynamic country, you will leave a changed person, more knowledgeable and worldly than those who haven’t seen what this land has to offer.

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