Misurata, Libya
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

In the early centuries, Misratah city in Libya was one of the central trading places for the Phoenicians. This attracted many cultures all contributing to the multi-ethnic influence the city has. Even today the city is one of the primary centers for trading products in Libya because of its location being such a perfect place. The city is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

A visit to Misratah city will not be complete without seeing the coastline. The coastline has beautiful golden brown sand, spotted with palm trees and olive trees. Upon walking on the coastline, you can absolutely feel the Moroccan impression of the place. The surrounding places also have rich green plains that are well inhabited with the country’s native wildlife. It is worthwhile to observe it while touring around the city in order to appreciate the local fauna of the country. Furthermore, Misratah city also has several sand dunes that are white to golden yellow in color. The sand dunes have beautiful landscapes that are continually changing with the natural forces of nature.

In roaming around the city, you can notice that the local structures of Misratah are inspired with the country’s traditional style of architecture. This reflects the locals’ appreciation and preservation of their culture. The city is also home to many shops providing access to locally produced products and souvenirs. Misratah city has a temperate climate making the weather perfect for outdoor activities.

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