Monywa City

Monywa Elephant building 400
Monywa Building
Photo by: antwerpenr, Creative Commons

Monywa City is located in Sagaing Division, Myanmar and it is about 136 Km from Mandalay City. The city is a major center for trading. Agriculture is the main occupation here; also the city features several mills for producing edible oils, noodles, flour and cotton.

Monywa City is home for several educational institutions, among them are Monywa University, Monywa Institute of Economics and Monywa Technological University.

It is also a major tourist destination, Monywas boasts of the following:

Thanboddhdhay Pagoda
The Thanboddhdhay Pagoda is a Buddhist complex that covers an area of 37 acres. The construction of the complex was started in the year 1936 and completed in the year 1952. It is one of the most sacred places for the Buddhists, and the temple stands as a fine example of Buddhist art.

The temple measures 166 feet high and the golden chedi measures about 132 feet high. The temple features massive ornamented pillars, couple of white elephant statues and Buddha statues of about 582,257. The temple opens on all the days of the week and the entry fee is about 3 US$.

Pho Win Hill
Pho Win Hill lie to the southwest of Myanmar. The caves in the hills feature a number of Buddhist statues belonging to the 13th century and paintings belonging to the 18th century.

Shwe Ba Hill
It is located below the Oho Win Hill and close to the banks of Chindwin River. It consists of unique sandstone pavilions that are filled with a number of Buddha images.

Shwe Gu Ni Pagoda
It is situated about 20 miles from the Monywa City. It is famous for its architecture and the major attractions here are the local festivals and the golden Buddha statue.

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