Mount Ararat

Ararat 400
Mount Ararat above the clouds
Photo by: martijnmunneke, Creative Commons

The city life can take its toll on any visitor. Most people need a change in scenery in order to recharge themselves and provide the perfect relief.

Going to a place with arresting scenery is just what people need to forget the city for a while, and in Turkey, such sceneries are abundant. Among those is Mt Ararat in the easternmost province of Anatolia, Turkey. Also called as Mount Masis in Armenian language, the dormant volcano is a sight to behold with its snow-capped peaks: the Greater Ararat and the Lesser Ararat.

Aside from being a picturesque volcano, Mt Ararat holds great Biblical significance. For years, people have believed that this is the mountain where Noah was said to have settled. Those who have been keen to prove this fact have held expeditions to the mountain in the hopes of finding remains of Noah’s ark. The description in the Bible was “mountains of Ararat”, thus sparking interest among those who wish to substantiate their faith.

Regardless whether the story concerning Noah and Mt Ararat is true or not, tourists can surely appreciate the beauty of this mountain. Seeing the peaks from afar is already a wondrous experience, but hiking to the mountain gives the adventurous travelers a different high.

Climbing Mt Ararat could be a once in a lifetime feat that no traveler would forget, so it is best to prepare months before attempting to hike. Travelers must secure a climbing permit and coordinate with a certified guide, as the Turkish government is keen on these requirements. About two months are needed to arrange everything.

Those wishing to climb Mt Ararat would have an easier time in the late summer, as long as they are fairly handy with the use of axe and crampons. The climb is not a walk in the park, but is said to be less taxing when visiting climbers take the way from the south. The climb may pose a challenge, but travelers will eventually realize that the effort is well worth it.

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